This blog is no longer.

As some of you may know, this blog is a sideblog to my main, timothyydrake. Some of you may also know that tumblr has decided to crack down on blogs with more than a few secondary.

Now, I like having one URL hoarded for when halloween comes. That is one blog. I also like having another for tweaking my main blogs themes. I have another conjoined blog with a friend. And lastly, a private blog for my RP friends and I. This is a total of Five blogs, including my main.

So all posts and graphics will be made on my home blog — to save my account being suspended.

I will also be following back off my main blog.

Both Marvel and DC content will be posted, and you will be able to find them like you have been doing on this blog.

This change will take effect immediately, and this blog will become nothing more than a redirect blog, on a separate account.

Thank you for your time.